4GAMECHANGERS-Tag: Mensch oder Maschine - Wer dominiert in Zukunft?

Smart Cities | Artificial Intelligence Das 4GAMECHANGERS Festival ist durchgehend im Livestream verfügbar unter [] verfügbar

Smart Cities | Artificial Intelligence

Das 4GAMECHANGERS Festival ist durchgehend im Livestream verfügbar unter verfügbar

Wien, 11. April 2019

PANEL & KEYNOTES | Zukunftsthema "Smart Cities"

KEYNOTE | Joel Mills, CEO AugmentCity, und Kari Eik, Program Director United Smart Cities zu "Simultating The City of Tomorrow".
Kari Eik: "Smart city is so much more than technology. It is also that we understand how cities will develop in the future."
Joel Mills: "When you start a digital twin of a city, you can start to find trends and collect data."

PANEL | Cities Of Tomorrow - moderiert von Kari Eik, United Smart Cities:
Hongqi Guo, Urban planner & Architect, Founding Partner of Yitong Desing: "We build so many new cities, but we need to do it in a sustainable way. Otherwise it would be an desaster."
Chor Pharn Lee, Principal Strategist Center for Strategy Futures: "Digital government is a big thing! Cyber security is also very important. We have to make people trust in technology."
Marcus Grausam, CEO A1: "We have the responisblilty to make our enviroment smarter and better. And technology helps us with that."
Raoul Hoffer Partner Binder Grösswang: "Legal rules should be there when AI develops."

KEYNOTE | Thomas Arnoldner, CEO A1 Telekom Austria Group zu 5G und Iot: "5G wird unsere Netzte neu erfinden und revolutionieren. Das wird ein echter Game Changer für die Mobilkommunikation."

KEYNOTE | Darren Hubert, CTO Microsoft Corporation, zu AI and Tech Intensitx: "Asia has three of the most popular nations of the world and they represent 60% of the worlds youth."

PANEL | Artificial Intelligence - moderiert von Mic Hirschbrich:
Sepp Hochreiter, AI Pionier, JKU Linz: "Learning technologys is a new thing. We learn from data and this is so new."
Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, NTU Singapoure & University of Geneva, Professor & Director of Research: "We are now trying to include ethical and social rules in technology. But what do we expect and what are the rules that we need to feel respected by example. That is very complex."
Meredith Broussard, NYU journalism professor, AI researcher, Author: "We assume that computers are better than humans in everthing and that is not true."
Alric Ofenheimer, Eisenberger Herzog: "You can not handel the future without AI."

KEYNOTE | Tomas Pergler, Director of Web Search, und Vladimir Kadlec, Head of Research
Tomas Pergler: "Websearch means that you need to have a lot of different technologies. The different languages are definitely difficult."
Vladimir Kadlec: "The news feed provides the best user expierence. That is very personalised."

KEYNOTE | Leo Muigg, Business Developement Digital Enterprise Siemens: "Wir wollen aus Daten wertbringende Informationen schaffen. AI hilft uns dann diese Datenauswertung in die richtige Form zu bringen und Entscheidungen schneller treffen zu können. ... Nur der Mensch ist in der Lage kreative Entscheidungen zu treffen und kreativ Dinge abzuarbeiten."

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